Class Information

Flipper’s Gymnastics provides gymnastics instruction to students of all ages.  Classes are specific to both age and level of skill.

General Class Information
No classes will run with fewer than four students, and 12 will be the maximum.  Multiple coaches may be used for a single class.  This will be determined by the age and number of students.

Students must wear gymnastics-appropriate clothing, such as leotards or form-fitting tops and bottoms.  Loose-fitting clothing can cause tripping and other hazards which lead to injury.  Bare feet are preferred.


Class/Level Age Length
Gym Tots

Tiny Tumblers (mommy & me)

18-24 months

2-3.5 years

30 min

30 min

Little Rockers

Rockin’ Rollers

3.5-4 years

4-5 years

45 min

45 min

Beginner 5-7 years 60 min
Intermediate 5-7 years 75 min



8-10 years

75 min

60 min

Intermediate 8-10 years 75 min
Advanced 8-10 years 90 min
Beginner 11-15 years 60 min
Intermediate 11-15 years 75 min
Advanced 11-15 years 90 min
Adult 18-100 years 90 min

Level Recommendations
This chart provides recommendations as to which skills should be attained prior to entering each class level.  These are suggestions, and not requirements, but a good reference to help students be successful in the classes they choose.

Gym Tots

Tiny Tumblers

ages 18-24 months (Parent participation required)

ages 2-3.5 (Parent participation required)

Little Rockers

Rockin’ Rollers

ages 3.5-4

ages 4-5

Beginner No prior experience necessary!
VAULT Handstand forward roll
BARS Pullover, Single leg squat through, Back hip circle
BEAM Handstand, Straight jump, Side handstand dismount
FLOOR Split jump, Handstand forward roll, Backward roll to a pushup position, Back walkover
VAULT Front handspring
BARS Straddle or pike glide kip, Cast to horizontal, Squat on, Front hip circle
BEAM Cartwheel, Split leap, Split jump, Cartwheel to side handstand, 1/4 turn dismount
FLOOR Front handspring to two feet, Back extension roll, Round-off back-handspring