Make Up Policy

Students may make up a missed class in another class of the same (preferred) or lesser level.  They may not make up classes in a higher level. Makeups must be scheduled in advance.


No refunds will be given for missed classes.  No classes may be carried over into the next school year or summer session.  If a student misses a class and does not make it up before the end of classes in June, the class is forfeited.

Refund Policy
Payment Plan

Participants are expected to choose their session length – 8 weeks, 16 weeks, or 32 weeks – and pay for the full session at the time of enrollment.  Payment in full of the membership fee is also expected at the time of enrollment.


Should there be a financial hardship which would require a member to further spread out payments, the 8-week rate would be used (see pricing table).  The membership fee would be added to the tuition, then a convenience fee would be added to that.  The total would be broken into even payments, which would be due on the date of the student’s class and before the start time of the class.


For all payment plans, we must be provided with a credit card on file, which will be charged after each class taken unless another form of payment is provided in advanced.

No refunds will be given for classes already taken.  If a participant wishes to withdraw from a session, he/she will be refunded for any classes not yet taken, less a 10% processing fee.  Classes missed prior to notification of withdrawal from the session will not be refunded; only those classes that have not yet occurred will be reimbursed. 


Absences due to illness and accompanied by a doctor’s note should be made up; however, in the case where it is not possible to do a make-up, a credit will be applied to the student’s account. 


The membership fee is non-refundable.

Example – I would like to sign my child up for a Beginner class and pay weekly.  The price is $230 for 8 weeks, plus $50 upon registration, totaling $280.  Add 8% and my total is now $302.40.  I would pay $37.80 each week for 8 weeks.  Should I continue after 8 weeks, the price would decrease to $31.05 each week thereafter, as the membership fee will have been paid in full.

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