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Job Opportunities

Senior Gymnastics Instructor

Must be 21 or Older. Full- or part-time available. Benefits available with full-time.

Experienced individual needed to teach higher level skills in class and through private lessons. Knowledge of all aspects of artistic gymnastics a must.

Hours Flexible. Compensation details upon request.

Hours Requested:

Four Weekdays/week (flexible) from 2:30 to no later than 7:15 (will vary by day due to class schedule)

Saturdays – 8:45-1:30 and as needed for birthday parties

Sundays – as needed for birthday parties


Compensation details upon request.

More hours available if desired.

Curriculum/Training Lead 


We’re looking for an experienced individual to put together weekly lesson plans and to make sure our instructors are properly trained to teach at each level.  In addition to weekly lesson plans, this individual will run monthly training classes for staff and train newly hired employees. 


Extensive knowledge of all aspects of artistic gymnastics, including apparatus and spotting, a must. Benefits include flexible hours, professional development, and free time in the gym. 

Must be 18 or older. Hours flexible 

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