Private Lessons Rates

Beginning July 2 Flipper’s is allowed to hold private lessons.  Before booking your lesson, please read through our restrictions and guidelines.  We ask that anyone booking a private lesson sign a document acknowledging their understanding of our policy

  • All lessons must be booked in advance – no drop-ins.

  • Lessons will be limited to a single student, or multiple students from the same household.  No semi-private lessons for students from different households will be held.

  • Students presenting any symptoms of illness will not be permitted entry into the building.  Likewise, if any member of their household has been diagnosed with and is currently suffering from COVID-19 they are asked to disclose this and lessons cannot be conducted for 14 days after the virus is gone.

  • Payments must be made through our online portal or over the phone to limit physical interactions.  Those who wish to pay via check or cash must bring it in a sealed envelope.

  • All lessons at this time will be conducted by Debby to reduce the number of people in the gym.  The front desk will not be manned, so any issues will need to be addressed via email (preferred) or phone.

  • Masks are required to be worn by both coach and student.  Students will be given opportunities to go to the restroom if they need to remove their mask for any period of time.  Flipper’s reserves the right to refuse building admission to anyone who refuses to wear a mask.

  • There will be no hands-on spotting.  Lessons will be given with an emphasis on skills progression and equipment spotting.  Coach will maintain a distance of six feet from all students.

  • Parents/Guardians will not be permitted in the building.  Those that wish to view their child’s lesson may do so by bringing a lawn chair or sitting in their car in the back parking lot.  The garage doors will be open but screened, so viewers can watch but not enter.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.  

  • Students are asked to bring their own water and leave all personal items at home. 

  • Lessons will be booked with spare time between them to allow cleaning of all used equipment, apparatus, and common areas before the next student arrives.

1 student/

30 minutes - $42/lesson, 5 for $200

45 minutes - $58/lesson, 5 for $275

60 minutes - $79/lesson, 5 for $375

2 students/

30 minutes - $64/lesson, 5 for $300

45 minutes - $80/lesson, 5 for $380

60 minutes - $106/lesson, 5 for $500

3 students/

45 minutes - $99/lesson, 5 for $475

60 minutes - $129/lesson, 5 for $625

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