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Changes for 2022-2023

Highlighted Changes for the 2022-2023 year:


❖ Refund policy –

The processing fee for a refund when withdrawing mid-month has been increased from 10% to 15%.

❖ Make-up policy –

If a make-up is scheduled but not attended, it is forfeited, as a spot was reserved for the student which could have been given to someone else.

We are now limiting make-ups to five. Any classes missed exceeding five absences will not be eligible for make-ups.

❖ Drop-off/Pick up –

We will continue to use the rear entrance this year, however we are eliminating the drop-off circle. Please park your car and walk your child to/from the door.

❖ Little Rockers age will now go up to 4½ instead of just 4 years old.

Gym Rules:


• Only students enrolled in classes in progress may be on mats or equipment. No one should walk on mats with shoes on.


• There is no eating or drinking (other than water) in the gym. Do not send your child into the gym with Gatorade or juice.


• Do not yell to/at your child through the screens during class. It is disruptive to the instructor and students and can be embarrassing for your child. Inappropriate language, noise level, and/or disrespectful behavior will result in immediate removal of spectator privileges. If at any time our staff members feel your behavior is disruptive, they may ask you to leave the area.

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