Class Information

No classes will run with fewer than three students.  Students must wear gymnastics-appropriate clothing, such as leotards or form-fitting tops and bottoms.  Loose-fitting clothing can cause tripping and other hazards which lead to injury.  Bare feet are required to prevent slipping on the apparatus. 

Classes are organized into Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, and Advanced to provide a narrower range of abilities in each class.  Previous Flipper’s students will be given a class recommendation for the fall; new students to Flipper’s will begin in Step 1 or be evaluated for higher placement.


Food is not permitted in the gym.  The only beverage allowed inside is water. Students should bring a water bottle inside and leave it on the cubbies, but water should not be brought onto the mats. Shoes are not permitted in the gym past the entry area.  Parent observation must not interfere with class flow.